Purple Princess Fairy Tutu Costume

No Sew Ballet Tutu for Play and Fun!

Purple Princess The Fairy Tutu is a simple no sew tutu with wand, crown and boa!

The Fairy Tutu Bodice is stretch velvet sewn in a tube style.  If you do not have a sewing machine – you can still make this bodice with a simple needle and thread in 15 minutes!

The Fairy Tutu Crown is made from craft store foam and embelleshed with jewels.

The Fairy Wand is made from a dowel rod, ribbon, tulle and net from the no sew tutu.

The Fairy No Sew Tutu is made from net and tulle and attached to an elastic band.

The Fairy Tutu New Sew / No Sew Tutu

The amount of fabric required depends on whether:

  • Tulle, net or a combination of tulle and net will be used
  • The length of the tutu will modify the amount of fabric
  • The fullness of the tutu will impact the amount of fabric

– Lee Ann Torrans The Fairy Tutu

  • For this  Fairy Tutu Lavendar and Purple Net were purchased 1 1/2 yards each
  • Lavendar and Purple Tulle were purchased 1 yard each
  • Pink Tulle was not used. (Changed our minds … loved the true purple look)
  • 2 yards of quarter inch lavendar ribbon used
  • 30 inches 1/4 inch black elastic
  • 36 inches sash ribbon

The Fairy Tutu

Net and tulle come in 54 inch widths

  • It is easiest to cut tulle and net across the 54 inch width.
  • The lenth of the strip will be twice as long as the length of the tutu.
  • 54 / 4 = 13.5
  • A 13 inch length will be the easiest and works for most tutus

Individual strips of tulle are net are knotted around elastic with a larkshead knot (which is a macrame knot)

– Lee Ann Torrans The Fairy Tutu Knotted Tutu

  • 27 inch lengths by five inches wide
  • Tulle and Net interspersed in varying shades of lavendar and purple
  • Total number of knotted lengths: 40

The Fairy Tutu How Long to Make the Elastic?

  • Long enough to tie a square not and leave some extra to attach a sash — if you want a sash.
  • Place elastic around fairy’s waist.
  • 1/4 inch elastic used here.

The Fairy Tutu Finished Tutu with Sash

Finished Tutu with Shihtzu and Ribbons tied in square knot around elastic.

This was totally his idea!

The Fairy Tutu The Boa!  $5.00 from the craft store.