Fairies never shop .. They find most things.
Many items can be made for free from items in your home – or – for very little expense.

How to Make a Fairy Wand for a Frugal FairyItems Needed

  • 36 inch dowel rod (49 cents)
  • 2/3rd Yard Tulle (total) (99 cents a yard)
  • 3 Yards Quarter Inch Wide Ribbon (49 cents a yard)
  • Paint, Elmers Glue and Glitter (or hot glue gun and glue)

Selecting Tulle

  • Select three to four colors tulle
  • Tulle strips will be 3/4 inches wide
  • Tulle strips will be approximately 18 inches long
  • Total of Eight 3/4 inch wide strips of each color
  • You will need about four inches of width of three or four colors
  • Select one or two pieces of tulle with sparkles and glitters

Step Number One

  • Take 36 inch inch width dowel rod. (Yellow Tips)
  • Cut one 24 inch length for older fairy
  • Cut two 18 inch lengths for smaller fairies.

Step Number Two

  • Can cut dowel rod with cutting pliers
  • These purchased at 99 cent store for 99 cents.

Step Number Two (second option)

  • Can use plastic coat hanger for wand.
  • Cut with cutting pliers.
  • Leave tiny curve at one end to attach ribbons and tulle.

Step Number Three

  • Cutting Tulle
  • Tulle is 54 inches wide.
  • Fold into approximately eight inch fold.
  • Cut three quarter inch strips from side.
  • Use three to four colors and cut four strips or each color.
  • This shortenss the cutting process.


Just grab the colors of tulle in a bunch and cut your 3/4 inch lengths.

Step Number Four

  • Take strips and cut in half long ways.

Step Number Five

  • Select quarter inch ribbons
  • Cut ribbons between 24 and 16 inches.
  • Six strips
  • Total ribbon 4 yards.

Step Number Six

  • Take one strip ribbon and tie tulle and ribbon at half way point.


But do not over do with the tulle!

Don’t make your wand look like a dishwashing net scrubber.

Step Number Seven

  • Take wand and paint chosen color
  • When paint dries coat with Elmers glue
  • Sprinkle with glitter
  • Can coat with glue by putting a Ziplock bag on your hand and spreading

If called away just put brush in ZipLock bag and place in freezer.

Step Number Eight

  • Once gliltter has dried put a bit of glue around top part of wand.
  • Take ribbon that tied tulle and ribbons and tie it around the top
    of the wand.
  • Wand will be one sided
  • Take second bunch of tulle and ribbon and tie right under the first
    tulle/ribbon bunch facing the opposite side for balance.

Step Number Nine

  • Put tiny drops of Elmer’s glue on tulle and ribbon.
  • Be sure drops are small because large drops will run.
  • Can use hot glue as well. Mini sticks are preferred.
  • Sprinkle with glitter over manilla folder or something to catch excess
  • Can purchase glitter glue if you wish — but why?

Behold Fairy Wand!