Duct Tape Bodice or Duct Tape Corset required two rolls of black and one of purple duct tape.

You can use just one layer for a pattern or all one color — we used purple for demonstration purposes only.

One roll makes one bodice – barely.

Select an old t-shirt and tight, because this will go next to your skin.

  • You want as much comfort as possible.
  • You can use Saran wrap but that is not all that comfortable.
  • Make your first layer tight. It is not possible to tighten it up later.

  • Pull the t-shirt tight and cut up the back. Cut away the excess.
  • It does not matter if there is an overlap.
  • You can trim the overlap when you cut the bodice/corset off.

  • Begin wrapping horizontially from the bottom to the top.
  • Overlap the duct tape by half.

Smooth out bubbles. This is the first duct tape layer of the duct tape bodice. There will be two more layers.

  • The second layer is added vertically.
  • We have used purple for contrast.
  • You can use the same color.
  • Use small strips in the curvey areas.
  • Smooth out bubbles.
  • You can see the boning, drinking straws. These give the bodice – corset another dimension which we really liked.

The purple tape represents the second duct tape layer of the duct tape bodice if you decide to do a second layer.

  • Third layer is your choice: horizontal or vertical. We chose horizontal and black.

  • Finish off the top to make more sturdy.

Fold duct tape over the top to give a nice finish look for your duct tape corset.

Lee Ann Torrans