How to Make a Fairy Gauntlet

We love it! The finished Gauntlet.

There Are Fairies at the Bottom of Our Garden

Embellished Gauntlet Ready for Seaming

Remember, Fairies never shop! They find what they need.

Items Needed for Fairy Gauntlet

  • Stretch fabric for gauntlet (12 inches by ten inches)
  • Manilla folder for pattern
  • 1/8th inch elastic (12 inches)
  • Embellisment choice
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine

Selecting Gauntlet Fabric

  • The best gauntlet fabric has a stretch to it.
  • Will be using a purple stretch velvet for this sample
  • This should be very tight — tighter than you think in order to stay up.

Step Number One – Gauntlet Pattern

  • Take Manilla folder or any choice of paper to make pattern
  • Trace your hand
  • Mark your wrists bone
  • Stop where you want your gauntlet to stop
  • Mark knuckle of third finger

Step Number Two – Fitting Pattern to Fairy

  • Measure wrist just above wrist bone
  • Measure around arm where gauntlet will stop
  • Measure from where gauntlet will stop to half an inch below
    middle knuckle.
  • Center that measurement on pattern and extend pattern out

Create cutting lines for Fairy Gauntlet

  • My cutting lines in the image are straight — because my photoshop skills are
    not the best!
  • There should be a slight curve from top to wrist bone
  • See pattern below



Step Number Four – Cutting the for Fairy Gauntlet

  • Leave one quarter inch for seam allowance
  • See sample pattern below


  • This can be done before or after sewing.
  • This very simple embellishment is done with glue, glitter and jewels.

Step Number Six – Sewing the Fairy Gauntlet

The gauntlet was seamed with a needle and thread to show how simple this can be.

I used white thread for illustration purposes. You should use black or purple if you have it.

You do not need a sewing machine — for most of these projects.

Hand sewing can be more exact and there are fewer mistakes. It does not take a great deal more time to do small projects by hand.


Turn “V” point under one quarter inch and hem by hand or
with machine.

  • Can use zigzag stitch
  • Turn top under and add 1/8th width elastic
  • Stretch elastic and sew directly on to top of gauntlet

Step Number Seven — Elastic and Seaming

  • Fold with right side together. and mark seam line with chalk
  • Seam gauntlet
  • Add elastic loop to knuckle point to go around middle finger
  • Trim the elastic you have to a narrow width or just ust a bit of fabric from the gauntlet.
  • Turn right side out

Step Number Eight

  • Wear guantlet!