Coat Hanger Fairy Wings

These wings are made of two coat hangers, white opaque stockings and covered with tulle with gold flecks.

Obviously, wear with leggings!!!

This works great a corpse bride, too.

Take a coat hanger and snip of the hook section.

Twist the wings into two sections and wrap with duct tape.

This is fourteen guage wire.  It is much easier to work with than a coat hanger.

Cover with white opaque stocking.

Wrap stocking with tulle and secure with duct tape.

How to make wings from wire.

Our Goth Fairy Wings (undecorated).

These are our unfinished wings made from 14 gauge wire, panty hose (2 pair) and duct tape.

The first decision is which gauge of wire to purchase. As you can see below the larger the number assigned to the gauge – the smaller the wire.

Because this is a duct tape bodice we were able to tape these directly to the bodice.

Typically you would create a harness from ribbons or a figure “H” support system from wire.

Chart of wire gauge width:

The limitation associated with the use of 14 gauge wire is that it is not sufficiently sturdy to make expanded wings if you use panty hose.

However, we were very pleased with our outcome.

This works fine for children;s wings and grown up wings if you are not using something as constricting as pantyhose or of you can use a more narrow wing with pantyhose.

12 gauge wire is more difficult to bend than 14 gauge wire.

A coat hanger is more difficult to bend than 14 gauge wire.

Shape your wire and cover joinder with duct tape.

Wire for Fairy Wings

Cover with panty hose. Cut off top part and slip over wings.

You can see how the panty hose narrowed the width of the wings significantly.

Cover wing joinder with with duct tape.

Duct Taping the Joinder
Pull panty hose tight before using duct tape and spread wing wire out after being compressed by the panty hose.

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