Goth Tutu with Duct Tape Bodice and Duct Tape Boots

We used two inch Scotch Duck Tape.
Corset:  Three and a half Rolls Duck Tape
Boots:  Three Rolls Duck Tape at $3.48 per roll
The best price was here – which allowed us to order colored duck tape at this price as well:  Scotch Duct Tape, Violet Purple, 1.88-Inch by 20-Yard


 Goth Fairy with Wings and Tulle Skirt

Duct Tape Bodice or Duct Tape Corset required two rolls of black and one of purple duct tape.You can use all one color — Purple was used here for demonstration purposes only to contrast the multiple layers.
  • Sheek, sleek catlike duct tape bodice with tulle skirt.
  • Wear with leggings and great duct tape boots.
  • Add wings
  • See Purple Princess for Gauntlet if you want another touch and make it with duct tape!
  • Add Max’s Wand from Where the Wild Things Are
  • Or add the Fairy Wand from Purple Princess

Duct Tape Boots for Goth Fairy


See: How to Make Glittered Pointy Toe Witch Shoes

See Pointy Toe Witch Shoes Here.

 Laced Up with Grommets.


 Large Goth Wings  (See How to Make Fairy Wings)

 Tulle on left … net on right of mannequin.  This sample demonstrates the difference between a Tulle Goth Fairy skirt and a Net Goth Fairy Skirt.
We wanted to let you decide if you liked the tulle or net better so we did both.
Front and back before finishing the top of bodice.
When making your duct tape bodice select an old t-shirt, because this will go next to your skin.
  • You want as much comfort as possible.
  • You can use Saran wrap but that is not comfortable.
  • Pull the t-shirt tight and cut up the back. Cut away the excess.
  • It does not matter if there is an overlap.
  • You can trim the overlap when you cut the bodice/corset off.
  • Begin wrapping horizontially from the bottom to the top.
  • Overlap the duct tape by half.
Smooth out bubbles. This is the first duct tape layer of the duct tape bodice. There will be two more layers.

Boning for Your Duct Tape Corset

  • When done with first layer add drinking straws for boning. We took a break, went to Mc Donald’s and got some straws!
  • Place the straws with a small piece of tape to hold individually.
  • The second layer is added vertically.
  • We have used purple for contrast.
  • You can use the same color.
  • Use small strips in the curvey areas.
  • Smooth out bubbles.
  • You can see the boning, drinking straws. These give the bodice – corset another dimension which we really liked.


Second Layer of Duct Tape

The purple tape represents the second duct tape layer of the duct tape bodice.

Final Duct Tape Layer

Third layer is your choice: horizontal or vertical. We chose horizontal and black.

Finishing the Edges of Your Duck Tape Corset

Finish off the top to make more sturdy.
Fold duct tape over the top to give a nice finish look for your duct tape corset.


Netting and/or Tulle Skirt for Goth Fairy Tutu

Add the skirt — with duct tape, of course.
Beginning to attach the tulle skirt. With duct tape, of course.
Gather tulle or net with your hands and tape on to the bottom of the corset.
Here is our duct tape bodice with tulle skirt.
  • After the skirt is attached go back with two or three more layers of duct tape to secure.
  • Wear with leggings.

Duck Tape Boots for Goth Corset

  • Goth thigh high boots in duct tape finish off the creation.
Needed: One roll of duct tape for two boots (or possibly two — it will be very close with one roll) and two old shoes! A couple of platic bags.
Duck Tape Boots:Before and After — Simple Wedge Pumps were used.
Plastic Bag Wrapped around shoe, foot and leg.
 Platic Bag loosely taped. There must be some ‘give’ in taping the Duct Tape Boot. Otherwise you cannot remove the boot.


 You can make duct tape boots yourself — but two is so much better!
We liked the crinkled look.No need to strive for perfection. The crinkled look makes it interesting.
Will be taped and used again!Cut not on back or on side but between the two.Tape the edges and fold over.Grommets added to close in future.