– Lee Ann Torrans Duct Tape Minnie Mouse Costume

This Minnie Mouse Costume is so easy – Lee Ann Torrans .

Wear it with leggings and black high heels!

Or over the knee white stockings.

Cut a slit in the back.

  • Make a duct tape waist band and then duct tape on the the skirt.
  • Buy one square of red and white polka dot fabric. If it is 45 inches wide — buy 45 inches long.
  • Fold the fabric into fourths and cut in a circle. Duct Tape Minnie Mouse Costume
  • Measure from the corner, draw a circle and cut.
  • Cut the waist.
  • Measure four inches across for a start and work from there!
  • After you snip out the corner snip out a circle for your waist.
  • Remember — even a tiny trim will make a huge difference in the waist.
  • Save the extra fabric for the hair bow.

Minnie Mouse Costume Ears – Lee Ann Torrans

  • Ears are made with duct tape.
  • Cut the ears from a manilla file folder.
  • Cover with duct tape.
  • Cut two slits from the bottom of the ear to make the ear curve.
  • Cover the slits with more duct tape.
  • It is so much easier to tape the ears first and then cut the slits and tape the curve ear together.

Minnie Mouse Costume Hair Bow – Lee Ann Torrans

  • Hot Glue the hair bow
  • Duct tape Minnie Mouse Ears to a head band.