This is a basic Halloween Tutu.

  • Add a black boa!
  • Make a gauntlet
  • Make a Fairy Wand
  • Add Wings

New Sew / No Sew Tutu

The amount of fabric required depends on whether:

  • Tulle, net or a combination of tulle and net will be used
  • The length of the tutu will modify the amount of fabric
  • The fullness of the tutu will impact the amount of fabric


Halloween Tutu Shown

Net and tulle come in 54 inch widths


  • This tulle was folded long ways in 80 inch lengths anc cut


Individual strips of tulle are net are knotted around elastic with a larkshead knot (which is a macrame knot)


Knotted Tutu

  • 40 inch lengths by 15 inches wide
  • Tulle tied
  • Total number of knotted lengths: 40

How Long to Make the Elastic?

  • Long enough to tie a square knot (Right over left and left over right; makes a square knot good and tight.)
  • Place elastic around waist.
  • 1/4 inch elastic used here.

Finished Tutu